Parr Invests £1m in New Renewables Company Parr Renewables

March 1, 2022

Parr Group and Parr Facilities Management have announced an investment of £1million with the launch of our new specialist renewables company, Parr Renewables Ltd.  

Creating over 20 new jobs, Parr Renewables will collaborate with colleagues across the Parr teams to deliver tailored sustainable energy solutions to our clients alongside building, facilities management and specialist services across the UK and Ireland. 

The launch of Parr Renewables comes just two months after the announcement of our new Scottish base which represents another step in the company’s national growth strategy and an investment of £500k. 

Discussing Parr Renewables launch Richard Livingston, Sales Director, said, “The launch of Parr Renewables comes at a time when an increased uptake in renewable energy has never been more vital. With the recent surge in fossil fuel prices alongside the targets set for reducing carbon emissions, businesses are facing incredibly challenging times.  

“We’d already experienced a significant increase in enquiries from existing customers on what measures they could take to improve their energy efficiency. This new venture means that we can now offer a seamless service for any firm wishing to take more control of its energy costs and lower its carbon footprint. By providing bespoke solutions through the installation of solar panels, battery storage and electrical vehicle (EV) charging, Parr Renewables can help businesses stabilise and reduce costs, removing reliance on fossil fuels, and securing energy sources for the future.”   

The Parr Renewables team has been engaging with a wide variety of clients, all of whom are currently engaged in the procurement process and reviewing proposals for renewable installations within their businesses.  

 Get in touch [link to contact page] for more information on Parr Renewables’ offering and how our team can help your business reduce its carbon footprint and save on energy costs.  

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